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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Compassion in Every Language

I chose this title, "compassion in every language," because I googled the phrase and wanted to see if anything would appear. Nothing did. "Compassion is a universal language," by contrast, garnered 27,000 hits. I like to be unique, but (above all), I sincerely wish I knew the word for compassion in every language. Love may be too lofty an aspiration for humans. But compassion ... how richer our lives are or could be for genuine encounters of it.

Photo Credit: Another fabulous picture (chipping sparrow) in the public domain, taken by Dr. Thomas G. Barnes, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Click on it. Get a bird's-eye view. Notice the cute little cap. This was a bird I learned about from my son, when he was tiny and enamored of birds. He had innate compassion for creatures. Most children do. Why can't we hold on to it, universally?


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