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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One of those Days

At least here I can choose my color, my typeface, and my degree of rant. It should be red, but I'll choose a soothing green. It should be a spiky type, but I'll let my fingers sink into a soothing Verdana. I could be shouting here in all caps out of sheer frustration, but I'll keep it down. Those who know me a little expect a little restraint. Those who know me a lot have observed that even upon great provocation, I still maintain a lot of restraint. And those who know me the very best know that once every long while, I bubble over with the best of them.

In the car last night, the following conversation unfolded:

Andrew: "Mom, you need your own radio show. You have so much to say and need someone to listen to it."

Me: "So you don't have to?"

Andrew: "Yes, that's right."

We used to play a game called "radio show." I had several talk show personae. My son would be the caller, and I had great fun provoking him and he had great fun mimicking the type of stock figures that call radio shows.

At the moment, my son has shut off that play-with-Mom station (probably permanently) but he keeps another permanent appointment with the radio and music. At least this generation doesn't lack auditory stimulation.

Gripes du jour

1. The latest violent acts in Cleveland schools reported in the PD. My tolerance level for violence is waning--in part because of the extensive Holocaust studies I've been pursuing. Violent children are destroying school--and traumatizing many for life, including their own classmates and teachers. The "bystander syndrome" of children standing by while others fight sickens me, but they are worried about their own protection. This is a prescription for a society aobut to slip even more deeply into the abyss. Is there a way to reach the hearts of children and parents? Or has multigenerational poverty made this impossible. I've observed fighting at economically advantaged schools. So, maybe people just have to go at it....regardless of age....and we have to accept that it is too late.

2. My own college students in one particular class who refuse to buy the textbook in a reading/writing course. Such a small gripe compared with the above. But they sabotage their own learning and make it awfully hard for me to create a common context...

3. Being turned down for a summer venture I really wanted to be part of. I know others were ahead of me, but it still hurts. I put so many hours into the application packet. What was I thinking? That there would be a chance?

4. Hearing how many friends are out of work and/or underemployed or seriously in debt and barely staying afloat. I have no good news for them. Traditional job search strategies don't work. I believe we are in danger of losing the middle class, even the working class. Is anyone listening? Does anyone care?


Blogger Rosa S. Raskin said...

Andrew is correct and you should have your own radio show. He would be proud to listen to it as would many.

I would be glad to help in any way as you have the educational background, practical experience and motivation.

I agree with Andrew and say
"Go for it!" You would be great on the radio per your stories, music, and public interest commentary.

March 2, 2008 at 1:28 AM  

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